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Agriculture Buildings

In your agricultural operations, nothing is more important then protecting your animals and equipment. At Cavalry our mission is to find the best building that fits your business, style and budget needs. We offer buildings for animal shelter, large equipment storage, hay storage, and anything else you need to make your business thrive.  At Cavalry we will personally review your wants and needs to find a perfect building match for you.

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Beef & Diary

Protecting your cattle from the elements of nature is one thing a farmer does everyday. Our buildings protect your cattle from weather, predators and thieves. Our multiple building options can give you the best chance to protect your cattle from everything the world can throw at it.

Goat & Sheep

Small fences around your goat and sheep aren’t going to help protecting your animals from protectors. We have many uses for our buildings, some examples are milking systems, feed bunks, eaves and hay and equipment storage. We can build fabric, wood or steel for any means to fit your demands.

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Cash Crop / Commodity Storage

Our buildings provide many options for your crops. We can provide many options, some include lighting and windows to provide sunlight and warmth during winter months.

Hay & Equipment Storage

Our buildings can do more then keep your animals safe. Many of our customers use our buildings to keep their hay and farming equipment safe. Check out the many projects we have which show the different ways we can protect other farm tools.

Having a Cavalry building is a great investment for years to come!

Manure Storage

Keeping your manure safe from the winter months and rain will allow to save on your investment. We can install high buildings so your farm equipment can easily enter and pick up the manure.

Drive sheds

Having a quick place to keep your cars and farming equipment will save your investment for years to come. You can have an open building where you can drive in and out, or we can build a garage to keep your equipment safe from thieves.