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Beef and Diary Advantages

As a cow farmer, your animals are your livelihood, so why not keep them as protected as possible. At Cavalry we can help you decided between many different type of buildings from fabric, steel or post and beam. We will look at budget, area, and requirements to match with the perfect buildings. The best insurance you can have for your cows is a safe cavalry built roof over their heads.

Cow Shelter

Protecting your cattle from the elements of nature is one thing a farmer does everyday. Anything from weather, predators and thieves . The shelter is the best thing to protect your cattle from all the world can throw at it.

Hay Storage

Our buildings can do more then keep your animals safe. Many of our customers use our buildings to keep their hay and farming equipment safe. Check our the many projects we have which show the different ways we can protect other farm tools.

Having a Cavalry building is a great investment for years to come!