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Equestrian Buildings

Cavalry has a great passion for horses; as much as you do! We have many building options to create a great environment for your horses: riding arenas, stall barns, exercise buildings, hay/equipment storage, and great looking quality barns. Have a look though our many options for more information.

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Riding Areas

We have multiple options for our riding arenas. Both our fabric and post and beam buildings look great as riding arenas. Our fabric buildings allow a high roof at a lower price for those high jumping horses. Our post and beam buildings have that classic barn look which our customers love.

Stall Barns

Our stall barns provide a great spot for your horses to stay. We can provide many options on the best style and layout to create a safe and comfortable home for your horses.

Exercise Building

Our buildings provide great options for running, walking and jumping with your horse. The great heights of our buildings allow all the exercising room your horse needs. This is a great building idea for all your training needs

Hay, Shavings & Equipment Storage

Our buildings can do more then keep your animals safe. Many of our customers also use our buildings to protect their hay and farming equipment. Check out the many projects we have which show the different ways we can protect other farm tools.

Having a Cavalry building is a great investment for years to come!

Quality Barns

We don’t only have useful buildings, we have great looking buildings! This beautiful barn we’ve created looks great on your property. Keep your horses in the penthouse they deserve.