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No matter how well the building is built or how good the old bones of an existing building are, what brings the building to life is the exterior finishes and small details. In the end, no one see’s the framing, foundation, electrical or plumbing.  They see the interior wall finishes and the overall look of the outside of the building. Our team takes the time and has the expertise to take care of the details to make your building have the curbside appeal that makes you a proud owner.

Different materials and textures on a simple building can make a world of difference:

examples of

Metal Siding


Metal Siding can give your building that sharp edge look you have been looking for.


Metal Siding is the best cover and protector for your barn


Nothing finishes off a Fabric Structure like a metal coded end-wall


Commercial rated material for commercial purpose buildings


Re-new your home with an updated look


Make your home look like new again with a side wall of siding

more examples of

Additional Finishes

Board and Batten: Refinish your barn or wall with rough cut pine board

Clear Plastic Siding: This is a great use of adding additional light while keeping your privacy!

Trusscore: Can give a smooth finish to any space!