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Cavalry Contracting is a dealer and erector of engineered steel buildings. We have discovered that the design systems and options really fit the needs for our customers. Our agricultural customers that have required utility shops or quality barns, our commercial customers that have required warehouses and retail outlets, our industrial customers that have required warehouses and manufacturing facilities to our residential customers that have required workshops and garages. Cavalry Contracting has teamed up with industry leaders that have advanced design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to be a single-source supplier for a wide range of metal framed building systems.

ESB1 Every customer is looking for a different style to suit their particular requirements. Three common designs available are; The Gable Style provides a traditional center ridged-roof slope available in a variety of pitches. The Single-Slope Style has similar characteristics of the Gable Style but in a single-slope configuration. The Lean-To Style resembles the Single-Slope but provides an economical means of making a building wider by extending its roof line or it can be attached to a lower level on the building to provide additional office or storage space.

A Gable Roof System provides a roof with two sloping sides and a ridge, with optional tapered columns. This style of building is a cost-effective solution for offproducts_clip_image002ice, warehouse, industrial, and commercial applications. The available straight column option provides a good system for palletized storage or display racks and is also ideal for shopping centers and other commercial buildings. The girt system can be located in either a bypass or inset position and the roof slope can be as low as 1/4:12 or as steep as 6:12. The Gable Roof System is available with clear span frames or with interior columns, which provide economical solutions for wider buildings.

products_clip_image002_0000A Single Slope System provides a building with one roof surface, with single-side drainage. These systems are suitable for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retail shopping centers. The available tapered columns provide an inexpensive solution for wider buildings, while the available straight columns allow for maximum usage of interior space. The girt system can be located in either a bypass or inset position and the roof slope can be as low as 1/4:12 or as steep as 6:12. Clear span framproducts_clip_image002_0001es are available or interior columns can be added to provide an economical answer for wide buildings.

A Lean-To System provides a cost-efficient means of making a building wider by utilizing a single slope system to extend the roofline of a building or by attaching to a lower level on the building. This is ideal when additional space for office or storage is needed.

For standard drawing and liteature, visit Behlen Steel Buildings



OPP Orilla Firing Range

Over the harsh winter months in 2011. Cavalry Contracting was up in Orillia completing a new 4,000 sq/ft building for the OPP.

J-Mar Industrial Building

In the fall of 2010 we supplied and installed an utility shop for J-Mar development in Cambridge

Cavalry Contracting has recently started to pursue the fabric structure business as our customer base seemed to demand an economical option rather then traditional building designs. We wanted to ensure that the agricultural, equestrian, commercial and industrial customers that we had were given all options when looking to build, whether it was their dream building or simply to cover manure from the elements. We have teamed up with Britespan Building Systems as they are a local manufacturer located in Lucknow, Ontario that have over 10 years experience in the fabric structure business. When we looked into our options every customer we turned to either said ‘Coverall Buildings’ or ‘Britespan Buildings’ with the branding that they have already done in Ontario the choice was clear.

Britespan has multiple design options to choose from, Please click on one of the options below for grid designs and further information:



       Atlas Building Seriessale-icon                                           Genesis Building                                                     Systems APEX Building Systems


EASY ACCESS Building SeriesEPICBuildingSeriesAccentBuldingSeries

EASY ACCESS Building Series                                         EPIC Building Systems                                            ACCENT Building Systems



In the construction of either an engineered steel building or fabric structure the exterior finishing really makes or breaks a building. Cavalry Contracting has the experience and options to ensure when completing the building of your dreams it becomes an eye catching statement for your company or facility.

Please look at some of the other services we offer:

Metal Siding is an attractive cost effective way to finish a building and is very commonly used in agricultural and commercial projects. Ask your representative for more information.
Architectural panels and hidden fastener systems create a nice clean esthetically pleasing look for commercial and retail outlets. Ask your sales representative for more information.
These fabric curtain systems are great for many different applications with many different ways to customize a system that will work for you. These systems are used in equestrian, agricultural, residential, commercial and public areas. Ask your sales representative for more information
The finishing details on any building are so important to make sure you are accenting the right features. We can offer specialized metals copper to zinc in any quantity. Ask your sales representative for more information]

We at Cavalry Contracting can have building accessories designed and built to your specifications. Here are some products we offer: sliding barn doors, fabric roll up doors, cupolas, snow guards, and more.

We have supply lines set up that we can offer you any of the products mentioned above at competitive pricing for your upcoming project. Talk to your sales representative if you would like more information.

Sliding Barn Doors
Fabric Roll up Doors.
Snow Guards